TGT Flash OBD Programmer for Chevrolet

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The item listed is a one use tuning tool; the TGT Flash. This device allows you to read the ECU (Engine Control Unit) for a single vehicle and then upload the file to our file writer. We then create for you, a specific map for your vehicle– not a generic map but a bespoke, custom-written filedesigned to optimize the performance or economy of your car as specified by you, the consumer. This cuts out the middle man and unlike when purchasing from dubious mobile ECU programmers, we are a multinational business which can always be traced and contacted if support is required. For a quality remap that can easily be reversed as and when required (such as for warranty purposes), the TGT Flash is an ideal investment to immediately improve the performance of your car.

Once used, this tool is locked to that particular vehicle. However, if you ever have the need or desire to put your car back to its original ECU configuration, this can also be done using the tool at no risk at all to your vehicle.

If we were to define the new TGT Flash with just one word, we would say flexible. Easy and intuitive to use, it is a very versatile tool designed to better meet customer’s needs, through the implementation of solutions specially conceived to optimize your vehicle. TGT Flash is the ideal tool to reprogram the ECU of your vehicle. Reading and Writing has never been so fast: you can now upload at any time one of the engine mapping configurations chosen among the multiple saved inside the tool along with the original file.

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Fully customization. Upgradable through databank online. Virtual Reading. Portable. Flexible. Refined, intuitive design.

Virtual Reading

Another improvement that greatly simplifies the customer is the new chance to manage ECU that previously could not be read. How? Thanks to the Virtual Reading. The TGT Flash automatically checks if in the tool’s memory the stocked files are compatible. If this is the case, the only job will be to rewrite the ECU Software with the Modified file


Refined design, well-finished and captivating.

Smaller and ever more handy- functional and compact. The size of the new TGT Flash has been significantly reduced and its weight does not exceed 140g.

Larger Touch screen, with high resolution and brighter colors.


Massive increase in RAM, from 8 MB to 256 MB, with a consequent increase in computing power of the main processor, now 32-bit. TGT Flash can store, in addition to the original file, many different mappings: in this way, the user always has the option to choose the most suitable map to program the ECU.


TGT Flash is a safe tool, because it checks whether it is possible to complete the job before starting it: in the event of anomalies, it does not start the procedure.

Please note: The TGT Flash can ONLY be used on One Vehicle at a time! If you wish to use it on another vehicle you will need to Program the Original file back onto your car to be able to use it on another.

Please call us if you are unsure about anything; we have experienced technical support who will be happy to help.

Why buy a remap from Topgear?

We have been involved in Tuning vehicles for 25 years and have both the mechanical and electronic expertise required to produce high quality, award winning remaps.  All of our software is developed in house. We are proud to put our name to the remaps we provide; and over two hundred dealers have been proud to put their name into that brand as well.

What, precisely, can this device do?

Performance and Economy Engine Remapping including DPF Solutions, EGROFF, Speed Limiter Removal and Lambda O2 Defeat.

We are the main Alientech Dealer for the UK, if you have any doubts please check on their website-

There are lots of people claiming to be Partners or Authorised Dealer always check on their website.

This product works for the following Chevrolet models:

  • Aveo (B) 1200 16v VVT A12XEP 63 86 Petrol 2011 DELCO E83 No OBDII
  • Camaro (E) 3600 V6 LLT 233 312 Petrol 2010 BOSCH ME9.6 No OBDII
  • Cruze (A) 1700 16v CDTI ecoFlex A17DTS 96 130 Diesel 2012 DELCO E87 No OBDII
  • Cruze (A) 1600 16v Turbo A16LER 132 180 Petrol 2011 DELCO E83 No OBDII
  • Cruze (A) 1600 16v Twinport A16XER 85 115 Petrol 2010 DELCO E83 No OBDII
  • Trax (A) 1700 16v CDTI ecoFlex A17DTS 96 130 Diesel 2012 DELCO E87 No OBDII


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