Maps & Gains

We currently offer the following remap file options, each developed in-house by our Topgear Tuning experts…

Economy Remap

Economy Remap

With our Economy Remap, most vehicles can achieve a lower rev range, resulting in fuel savings of up to 15%.

Stage 1 Remap

Performance Remap

Suitable for standard specification Petrol or Diesel Vehicles with no hardware modifications.

Stage 2 Remap

Performance Remap

Best option for vehicles which have benefitted from both an upgraded Sports Exhaust and Induction Filter.

Stage 3 Remap

Performance Remap

Suitable for heavily modified vehicles which feature a Performance Exhaust, Induction Filter and Front Mounted Intercooler.
(Available for Turbo cars only)

Potential Gains

Use the interactive table below to lookup the potential gains for your vehicle. if your vehicle isn’t listed, please contact us as we may have an alternative solution for remapping your vehicle.