Personal OBD Programmer

TGT Flash allows you to easily read and then write
a custom file tuned by our in-house remapping experts,
to your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Once read, simply submit the file from your vehicle, choosing the type of remap required and information about your vehicle.
Our in-house tuning experts will customise the file to your requirements. Upload this back to your vehicle and you’re ready to go!

“Just to let you know, I uploaded the modified file to the Jeep last night, no problems at all. Already feels more responsive after 20 miles of driving, and the power distribution is more even. Thanks for all your help.”

  • Your easy-to-use Tuning Device

    Simply plug into your vehicles' On Board Diagnostic Port (OBD) and follow the steps shown here.

    The device will download the stock file from your vehicle, ready for tuning.

  • Simple File Transfer

    Download the included software to transfer the read file from your vehicle to any PC or Laptop.

    Using the included USB cable, you can then upload your stock file from the device and submit along with your vehicle details via the TGT Flash website.

  • Custom Written Files

    Our Remapping Experts will modify your file to match your requirements - choose from increased Performance, improved Economy or mix of both (Blend).

    Find out more about our Remap Options and possible gains for your vehicle by clicking here.